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No Monkeying Around

March 3, 2010

D&G Precision Manufacturing Inc., Eden, Wis., is a family-owned and operated job shop started in 1994 by the father-and-son team of Gene, CEO, and David Dallapiazza, president. Jobs range from repairing a single part to producing prototypes to machining a full production run. One recent job came from a company that “basically had too much work to do and they offloaded it on us, which we were more than happy to help them out with,” said Henry T. Potocki Jr., D&G’s process engineer. The job required milling, drilling and chamfering aluminum forgings to produce risers. In addition to supplying the 9-lb. workpieces, which require removing about 78 percent of the material, the customer supplied the first round of cutting tools, toolholders and other tooling. “